Put on your heels for London’s hottest nightclubs!

Girls just wanna have fun! And guys like to be where girls are having fun – so far, so good. London has a bubbly and excessive nightlife with just a few flaws: Going out late? Most clubs close at 3am! You are not a member? You are missing out the best! So, it is a good idea to make the right friends – being a girl or a guy with lots of platinum cards isn’t a handicap either. Nightclub promoters sometimes have good deals for entrance and drinks, but the really good (members) clubs are not working with them anyway.

Check out these places and experience what London has to offer:

1.       Mahiki (Mayfair):


Tiki feeling deluxe! Come here if you just wanna have fun, special cocktails and a cheerful crowd. Drink out of Venus shells, treasure chests or a fuming coconut. Girls, prepare to be surrounded by a handful of eager guys within seconds. You can have a great night out with friends and dance the whole night long (ok, only until 3am I am afraid). They even got a separate karaoke room you can reserve (as Katy Perry did recently). Bar staff and bouncers are friendly – only the cloak room is full way too soon.

Good for: people watching (incl. VIPs like Rihanna or Pixie Lott), cocktails, dancing
People: mixed bunch of locals/visitors/expatriates, mainly posh, loaded and young crowd, age range 20-35
Entrance: Dress smart casual, no guest list required, later at night
£15 cash only
Music: Mainstream R ‘n B, House and Charts

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 5.30pm-3.00am
Mahiki Homepage

2.       Boujis (South Kensington):

Small, loud, dark, expensive and equipped with a rude lady at the door – This is basement club Boujis. This doesn’t sound too tempting but it actually is a good place to spend the night. Former fav club of the Princes and their girlfriends, Boujis still attracts a well-off crowd from all over the world. Bankers, lawyers, students and people who live from their trust founds all enjoy the packed nights out. Drinks, of course, have to be expensive (like in all the other clubs) but apart from the lady at the door (do you need to be rude in order to promote a certain kind of image?!), the staff is nice. Go to the cocktail bar eclipse (same owner as Boujis and only 5 mins away) for pre-drinks.

Good for: people watching, dancing
People: mixed bunch of locals/visitors/expatriates/wannabes/showoffs, mainly posh, loaded and young crowd, age range 20-35
Entrance: Girls: Dress and high-heel; Guys: Shirt or jacket, no guest list required (except special events), normally
£20 cash only
Music: House and R ‘n B, special Djs for house/80’s/rock parties

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10pm-3.00am
Boujis Homepage

3.       The Box (Soho):

When New York’s The Box decided to open a sceond venue what city would suit better than London? So the playground for fans of ‘Eyes wide shut’ and ‘Basic Instinct’ in real life settled down here in 2011. There is only one word needed to describe what’s going on there at night:


And by saying that I mean it literally! Transvestites enjoy themselves in all kinds of positions and actions, women and men perform their ‘shows’ completly naked and sprinkle the audiences with their juices. Dress code is black tie and to get into this erotic location you either have to be famous, very rich or more than attractive.

Good for: Sexual amusement
People: Business men, VIP’s, starlets, posh and loaded

Opening hours: Wed-Sat doors open at 11pm
The Box Homepage

4.       Tramp (St. James):

One of London’s many member’s only club, Tramp is indeed not open to the public if you are not going there with a member (other clubs do make exceptions). So, what can I say? After you have been going out in London for a while, grab one of those finance guys and go to Tramp. Nice elegant and sophisticated experience with handsome people and good music – go on a Saturday!

Good for: people watching (incl. VIP’s), dancing
People: mixed bunch of locals/visitors/VIP’s/expatriates/wannabes/showoffs, mainly posh, loaded and young crowd, age range 20-40, St. Tropez/Las Vegas/LA regulars
Entrance: Dress to impress, member’s sign in on arrival

Music: House and R ‘n B

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 7pm-late
Tramp Homepage

5.       Wyld at W Hotel (Leicester Square):

The Ignite Group’s (Eclipse and Boujis) latest venue is the nightclub Wyld at the W Hotel. Celebs like Kate Moss have been spotted here. Once a week they celebrate the special music happening Wyld Wednesday where established Dj’s as well as newcomers rock the club. Get on the guestlist to enjoy a fun night out above the tourist tangle.

Good for: people watching, dancing
People: mixed bunch of locals/visitors/VIP’s/expatriates
Entrance: Dress to impress

Music: mixed

Opening hours: Wed 9pm-2am, Thurs 9pm-3am, Fri-Sat 9pm-4am, Sun 9pm-3am
Wyld Homepage

Other venues worth trying:
Maddox, Brompton Club, Dorsia, Raffles,  The Roof Gardens,  Embargo, Kings, Public,Whiskey Mist, Luxx, Jalouse, Mo*vida, One for One, Aura, Bungalow 8 (St Martins Lane, Cirque de Soir, Cafe de Paris, Funky Buddah, Embassy, Dstrkt, Cuckoo, Public, Amika, Annabel’s, Chinawhite