Outdoor events – Theatres and Movies…May the weather be with us!

First of all: Royal Opera House Screenings start tomorrow (May 17!)
Ticket sales for Somerset House screenings start on May 18

Although it is mid May it doesn’t really feel like it. Rainy, cold and inconsistent weather doesn’t get anyone in the mood for outdoor events. However, what if the sun and warmth finally come through? Make sure you are prepared for that because London has some exciting events to offer! Did I miss out on something? Post it in the comments!

1.       Outdoor Movies/Screenings:

Are up for watching one of the best horror movies of all time in a cemetery? Or would you prefer a romantic comedy on one of London’s roof tops? Do you fancy a bit more high culture such as ‘La Bohème’? Well, it’s up to you. Here are some possible popcorn events under the stars of London:

Rooftop Film Club

The Rooftop Film Club was supposed to show movies at three different venues this year, at Queen of Hoxton, Kensington Roof Gardens and London Fields. While the screenings at London Fields have been cancelled, the ones at the Roof Gardens are already sold out. The good things is, you can still buy a few tickets for movies shown in Shoreditch.
Website: Rooftop Film Club

Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House

An ice skating venue in winter, host of London Fashion week and an outdoor cinema in summer – that’s Somerset House. Wait, do they also have exhibitions? Oh yes, they do. The courtyard at Somerset House is just too beautiful not to use it for as many occasions as possible. Like their ice skating tickets, cinema tickets sell out fast and booking starts tomorrow (May 18). This summer they show two UK premieres as well as classics such as ‘The Birds’ and ‘Indiana Jones’. My tip: Sexy Beast plus Drive (Saturday 25 August 2012)
Website: Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House

The Nomad pop-up cinema (different locations)

Eight movies and four locations are on the list of Nomad’s cinema. Where to show which movie has been chosen carefully. Apart from movies like Romeo & Juliet, The Artist and Casablanca, one of the best horror movie ever made, ‘The Shining’, will get a special screening….on the Brompton Cemetery! This sounds like a lot of fun…Heeere’s Johnny!
Website: The Nomad Cinema

Pop Up Screens (different locations)

These screens pop up in parks around Hammersmith, Lewisham, Islington, Morden, Fulham and Kilburn, showing mostly movies for a male audience. Check out their website for further information.
Website: Pop Up Screens

Midsummer Night Screen (Dalston Roof Park)

For all the Dalston peeps and soundtrack lovers, these are the movies awaiting you at Dalston Roof Park: American Graffiti, Empire Records, Lost in Translation and The Graduate.
Website: Midsummer Night Screen

2.       Outdoor Theatres:

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

Fancy seeing a musical, a Shakespeare play or a comedy performance at Regent’s Park? This is a special way of combing culture with nature. This year Ragtime the Musical and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are staged and other events like movie screenings (Moulin Rouge or Pan’s Labyrinth) and Comedy performances are there to round-up the programme. A venue not to miss out on!
Website: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

The Globe

You cannot be in London without having at least attended one Shakespeare play. Which location is more suitable for this occasion than the famous Globe? This season, you have a chance to see Henry V, Hamlet, Richard III, Twelfth Night, The Taming of the Shrew and As You Like It.
Website: The Globe

Something for FREE!

Royal Opera BP Summer Big Screens (Trafalgar Square)

Not sure if you like the opera or ballet? Why not try it for free? Performances are beamed live from Covent Garden starting with Puccini’s La Bohème followed by Verdi’s Falstaff and the ballet Metamorphosis: Titan 2012. Watch out, Trafalgar Square will be awfully crowded.
Website: Royal Opera BP Summer Big Screens

The Scoop

Grab a bottle of wine and a blanket and enjoy all performances at this riverside outdoor venue for free. Expect a mix of music, theatre and film. For more information take a look at their website.
Website: The Scoop

Watch This Space

Watch the space in front of the National Theatre to experience a wide range of performances. For updates on what happens, check their website.
Website: Watch this space