London for Beginners

LONDON is a rainy, hectic and foggy city where fun is the last thing you can think of? WRONG

LONDON is amazing, culturally rich, great for meeting new people and having the time of your life? RIGHT

You just need to know where to go and what to do…So don’t waste your time and start celebrating life in London and maybe find love as well (or at least a fling)…who says Paris is romantic when you can be in London!

This blog will give you an insight of where to eat, drink, party, sleep and whom to meet and to avoid in a city where drinking begins at lunch time…

But be careful – London is like a vampire, seductive and dangerous…

Setting the basics:

Getting around town:

Public transport during rush hour is more than inconvenient, it is stressful and expensive. The tubes don’t run all night but there are buses to compensate it. Cabs are always a good idea, though it depends on having the necessary wherewithal…
But anyway, you definitely need an Oyster Card that can be purchased at most tube stations (Oyster Online).

Things that help:

Addison Lee App (save pre-booked cabs that tell you how much to pay in advance, very reliable – btw: Apart from Addison Lee, only take black cabs!) – for Android and iPhone, free

London Transport Live App (See in real-time when the bus is coming – the information at the stops itself is ridiculous) – for Android, free

Bus London App (See in real-time when the bus is coming – the information at the stops itself is ridiculous) – iPhone, free

London Transport (all in one planner) – for iPhone, £1.99

London Tube Status App (Live info on Underground services – vital because of so many closures on the weekends) – for Android and iPhone, free

Hailo – The Black Cab App (Get a black cab wherever you are, whenever you want) – Android and iPhone, but can only be downloaded for the UK-Store, free

If you don’t have a phone with internet access yet, get the A-Z mini street atlas.

In addition you can also take advantage of the Barclays bikes that get you around town (cycle lanes are often the same as bus lanes, so be careful). They are available at many places all over London and are vacant for non-UK residents as well (Barclays Bikes). They cost £1 for 24h and you can ride them up to 30min for free during that period.